Sunday, May 3, 2009

VFW Post 846 BBQ Challenge

When we saw this contest on the KCBS calendar we were excited because it's less than a mile from our house. We decided to take this opportunity to let the boys have their very own Friday night BBQ dinner inviting their teachers and classmates.

The forecast was for warm and WINDY weather, and I mean WINDY! We dropped the Birdnest and the smoker off at our spot on Thursday night. That meant Friday morning was a day to sleep in. Not long after our arrival the wind God took it's first EZ-up. We decided we were cooking sans EZ-up or the nest awning this week. We had great neighbors, PDT on one side and Pork Me Purple on the other. Friday night's dinner was a great time. We enjoyed meeting and visiting with Nick and Jake's classmates and their families.

Ernie (Parsley Queen) came out Saturday morning and prepped boxes for us. She asked Chris to wash the parsley and when he was shaking the water off a couple walked by and wanted to know what he was doing. He told them he was blessing his smoker with water from a legal garnishment and they believed him. They even took his picture!

We were invited over to Pork Me Purple's for an 11:00 lucky shot. Thanks Jerrod, John and John. A little Gentleman Jack before turn-ins never hurts!

Turn-ins went smoothly. We were especially pleased with our brisket. Out of 44 teams we scored 15th in chicken, 5th in ribs, 19th in pork, 2nd in brisket and 7th overall. Thanks to Jim Lilleston for a smoothly run first year contest. Next week We are off to St. Joseph, Mo for the Apple Blossom BBQ contest.

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